Tank system monitoring

Tired of not knowing the true level in your tanks? Never guess again.

Whether for drinking water, fuel or black water, we have the solution for you.

With the Smart-mini monitor for one tank or the I-Series for up to eight tanks,

these will give you real time readings for all your levels.

  • No fluid contact
  • Easy and fast programming, preventing or emergency alarms
  • The MODA sensors are used for non-metallic tanks
  • PVC rods are used for metallic ones
  • Other model available for Diesel or gas

Engine Room Fan

  • direct or belt driven
  • hydraulic motor driven available
  • squirrel cage or propeller type
  • in-line or wall mounted
  • many dimensions and voltages available

Cabin and Deck Accessories

  • cleats
  • steering wheel
  • cabin lamp
  • all kind of fasteners
  • instrumentation

Energy Production System

  • solar panel
  • compact wind mill
  • battery charger
  • converter

Soft Water Maker

  • all-in-one
  • production of 150 to 6000 gallons per day (568 to 22 710 L)
  • salt rejection of 99.2%
  • stainless steel heavy duty construction
  • 12 volts or 120 volts available
  • low noise
  • available for commercial use up to 10000 gallons per day (37 850 L)

Contact-us for more details.