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KOBELT Control System

  • controls for engine and transmission, electronic or cables
  • steering systems, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic
  • simplified Mighty-Mariner system :
    • for one or two engines
    • up to four command stations
    • affordable
    • for electronic controlled engine or cable controlled
  • brake systems for all your needs
  • all KOBELT product range available

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Complete Steering System Design Based on your Vessel Dimensions

  • double steering cylinders kit
  • heavy duty, made of steel
  • up to 45 degrees, up to 77 000 in.lb of torque (887 kg-m)
  • 2.5 in. cylinders (64mm)
  • optionnal stainless steel chromed rod
  • for stock bar up to 2 in. (50mm)

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