WESMAR Thrusters

  • WESMAR’s commercial line of robust counter rotating dual propeller thrusters sets a high standard in the commercial bow thruster industry by bringing more power, less noise and less vibration than competitive units
  • The use of counter rotating dual propellers splits the power between two gear sets thus yielding a very high propeller efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating greater power and more thrust
  • Offered with hydraulic or electric motor

KEYPOWER Thrusters for Commercial Vessels

  • Diameter from 8" to 36"
  • hydraulic drivenKeypower BowThrusterBrass
  • made of bronze
  • electric driven model available

SIDE POWER Thrusters for Lighter Vessels

  • composite twin propellers
  • diameter from 5" to 15" (125 to 386 mm)
  • gearleg in bronze
  • light weight and low maintenance
  • easy to install
  • hydraulic or electric driven
  • fixed tunnel or retractable
  • many kind of controls available

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